Frequently Asked Questions

How are frozen embryos shipped from one clinic to the next?
Do the embryos travel through different countries or are they shipped directly from clinic to clinic?

We take the utmost care to ensure that all embryos remain in our possession at all times throughout the transport. They will be cared for and monitored by members of our team from the moment of collection in the clinic of origin up until they have been safely delivered to the designated representative at the destination clinic. Depending on location, we may need to transport the embryos via airports in other countries, but we always use the most direct route available from the origin clinic to the destination clinic for safety and efficiency.

Are embryos insured for cell damage?

We understand that many parents may be concerned about the safety and security of their embryos during transport, so we want you to know we take the utmost care using modern technologies to ensure the embryo is taken care of at all times. While we are unable to provide additional insurance, we do follow industry standards with an International Shipping Agreement to provide protection for your embryo while it is in our custody. This agreement outlines potential risks involved with the transport and will require your signature of agreement to our terms before we can begin the transport.

How long does transport typically take?

We have dedicated couriers that have been trained for the collection and delivery of embryos to ensure efficient transport. Unnecessary border delays are rare and most delays can be avoided entirely, as our dedicated couriers can quickly and easily change to another flight if the situation requires it. Our couriers can manage all customs clearance at any time, day or night, to ensure your embryo is delivered as expediently as is possible. You will be provided with ongoing tracking reports to monitor the status of your transport in addition to immediate notification and confirmation of delivery once the embryo reaches its destination.

What complications may arise during transit?

We maintain contact with the embryos at all times throughout transit, so the main complication we can encounter is being denied boarding by an airline. Some airlines have not trained or educated their ground handling staff on the transport of embryos, which may cause complications as we refuse to lose contact with our embryos at any time. This has only happened on four different occasions in the past three years and is typically not a concern, but we do have a protocol in place to be safe. In these instances, we purchase a ticket for the next available flight or with another airline that is equipped to be involved with the transport. Any additional charges are not passed on to you. We will absorb any additional expenses associated with the flight change, hotels, or other costs.

What does the shipment cost include?

  • Communication with the origin and destination clinics
  • Documents check
  • Transportation between clinics
  • Air tickets, hotel, and car rental expenses
  • Shipment tracking
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Service fee

How can I obtain references?

We are happy to provide professional references and recommendations upon request. Please speak with one of our representatives for more information.